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Stock Service System Program Link

Are you having trouble connecting your scanner via bluetooth?
Download and Print the Following file and to reset the scanner.
Click here to download reset instructions.
Print out the barcode sheet and follow directions on the sheet.

The Cause of the scanner not connecting can be because it was setup for multiple devices.
The scanner works best only setup and connected to only one device.

Is your keyboard not popping up on apple device when scanner is connected?
When the scanner is connected on an apple device, the keyboard might
not pop up as expected when clicking in a text field.
Below is how to toggle the keyboard on and off using the scanner.

Stock Service System BETA ADMIN Quick Order for PC
This pulls the most recent order from your device onto another device for you to edit.

Stock Service System Inventory Program.
You can scan your items and get a calculated value with no quantity bump up from minimums.
(checkout disabled)